Medical Assessment

Get an explanation for those aches and pains!

Are you always left wondering “if this is what old age feels like?”.
Diagnostic referrals can help provide your doctor with information to make these uncertainties disappear.
An annual medical assessment to update your medical record and ensure that you are aligned with medical industry guidelines of care could be all it takes!
There is a large scope of referral possibilities that could help us maintain your health.
Supporting a team based approach to your medical care, we promote above standard communications with surrounding specialists, laboratories, diagnostic testing facilities and other interdisciplinary programs.
Our only concern is setting a respectful and inclusive environment in which to maintain your health.
Arrange an appointment with the West Oliver Medical Clinic to see the importance of a complex medical management system with an eager approach to determining the most appropriate long-term treatment possibilities.

Your changes could be as simple as an informative consultation with a nutritionist, an assessment with and physiotherapist, a customized standard for your physical activity, or a long overdue discussion of what you’re doing for your mental health.

Contact the West Oliver Medical team to speak with a professional for a medical assessment of your concerns today.