Family Planning

Facing challenging circumstances as an intentioned or expectant mother? Ready or not, you need a plan.

There are so many options for planning your family, it can be stressful to decide which road to take.  Understanding the timelines; for lab and diagnostic testing, meeting with an OBGYN for the initial appointment, choosing a delivery hospital for transition to and from pediatrician; is a long-term commitment we can provide to your family.  Find out how keeping control of your records with an inclusive facility can enhance your health care experience.

Our office works with local resources to find you the help you need. We guarantee you a safe, discrimination free environment, from your first consultation through to delivery.

With family doctors of many backgrounds, don’t let a breakdown of communication interrupt what is important. All patients new and existing, are welcome and understood at West Oliver. Whether you are in exciting territory; a government assisted patient; confused about your options; or trying to understand local fertility preparedness, the West Oliver Clinic is eager to support individuals looking to make their health a priority.

At West Oliver Medical Clinic, we make it our goal to create a welcoming, respectful environment for all families; including gender and sexual minority people.