Pain Management

"Your Pain Matters to Us"


Let’s focus on the brass tacks of the opioid crises of today’s society. The resources ARE available to help you take the first step towards successful recovery. Sometimes, all it takes is the respect and considerate care of well-trained front staff to induce a change, other times it’s the right doctor. If you’re ready to understand your options, we are here to show you you’re not alone anymore and it’s not your fault.

With many affiliated practices in Edmonton, we are positive we can make pain management more convenient than you ever thought possible. Our onsite pharmacy is skilled with significant tenure in the city and a heartfelt attachment to the suffering population. We provide a safe environment by working together with patients and families to maintain the strength of our practice. We know that compassion, respect, accountability and regulation are the main pillars of success.

Come and find out about Alberta practices that could change your life and the extensive network of pain management options available. Enhanced communication and inclusive practice is what is going to make the change.

The first step is up to you, but we can help take care of the rest.