Hypertension Care

Get rid of Hypertension Management Stress

It’s time to understand & improve your blood pressure. Whether you have been diagnosed with Hypertension or know someone who is at risk of developing it, Hypertension is one of the leading causes of death in Canada; it is vastly important that you maintain regular visits with you family doctor to make sure you meet the appropriate specialists for reducing the possibility of morbidity and mortality. We know that tracking blood pressure can be tiresome and the ongoing medications daunting, but simple lifestyle intervention methods can greatly reduce your risk factors for developing Hypertension and subsequently your danger of stroke or renal disease.   Coordinating care is important to improve blood pressure, reduce the risk of cardiovascular events and reduce the necessity of medications. Hypertension development can be attributed to obesity, lack of physical activity, family history, stress, alcohol, smoking and many other detrimental factors. Contact the West Oliver Medical team and let us help you burden the responsibility of Hypertension.