Medical Consultation

Interoffice Specialists Available at West Oliver!

About Us
When your health is maintained by the West Oliver Medical Clinic, you can count on a complete and thorough assessment. We take a very serious approach to alternative options of care, including: Neurology consultations for stubborn migraines & full scale respiratory examinations. We have made a priority of your convenience, ensuring close appointment bookings in our very own facility. We strive to provide a patient-focused, quality referral process. Accessibility is key and we know many of our patients travel from surrounding rural locations. It is our objective to provide as many services, outside of general office procedures as possible to make your top health possible.
Deeper benefits of interoffice referral and consultation are reports that are immediately viewable by your family doctor. We believe collaboration within the medical field is what makes it all work. Within our affiliates we are fortunate to include the Rheumatology and OBGYN scope of practice as well and we look forward to providing easy access to these resources.
Your West Oliver family doctor can navigate you through the spectrum of specialist consultation possibilities outside of what we offer and we are immensely considerate to alternative plans proposed by our patients. We support a team initiative to improve medical care and it starts with you.
It’s so easy, why wait?!